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Using Filebeat to ingest apache logs

This tutorial on using Filebeat to ingest apache logs will show you how to create a working system in a jiffy. I will not go into minute details since I want to keep this post simple and sweet. I will just show the bare minimum which needs to be done to make the system work.

Errors in referencing .net standard library projects in .net framework based projects

Errors in referencing .net standard library projects in .net framework based projects is a rather common occurrence. This runtime error “Could not load file or assembly or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified” has to be one of the most frustrating error. Everything works fine on your machine and moment… Read More »

Using Email-ext plugin in Jenkins pipeline

Using Email-ext plugin in Jenkins pipeline need not be scary !! And this post will show how. We will create a step in the JenkinsFile incorporating the email functionality. We will use email-ext groovy template to generate the emails. The email content will have the test run summary and the build artifacts download link. We… Read More »

How to checkout code in Jenkins pipeline

This post is on how to checkout code in Jenkins Pipeline using Snippet Generator. Both Git as well as SVN are supported. Jenkins pipeline feature is an awesome feature. A reason good enough to make you upgrade to Jenkins 2. It essentially has made scripting a first class citizen in world of Jenkins. I am… Read More »

A simple c# events and delegates tutorial

This c# events and delegates tutorial has a simple aim: Make it easier for you to work with events in .NET. There will be no deep dive. Everything I discuss below about c# events and delegates has one purpose only: To enable you to start using events with confidence. Many people find it difficult to… Read More »

Managing Elasticsearch aliases using Curator

This tutorial on managing Elasticsearch aliases using Curator will help you to manage your Elasticsearch aliases better. There are not many detailed tutorials on this topic and hence this post. I hope that at the end of this tutorial you will appreciate the power curator brings to your hands.

My PuTTY terminal color schemes

This brief post is about cutomising putty terminal color schemes to something more pleasant. The default ones which come with PuTTY are a relic of past. So unless you love the retro there is no need to put up with the PuTTY defaults. You can change it to something more pleasant but that involves registry… Read More »

Taking Elasticsearch snapshots using Curator

This tutorial on taking Elasticsearch snapshots using curator will be divided into sections. One obvious section is how to take snapshots. Other less obvious part will be on configuring a shared directory using Network file sharing on Linux. I will be using a RHEL 7 based cluster of three machines for this tutorial. Once you… Read More »

Authentication in Elasticsearch without shield or x-pack

UPDATE: Elasticsearch has made security free. Please check it out. Authentication in Elasticsearch without using x-pack or shield. Possible? Yes. In this post I will show you how to do it using excellent readonlyrest plugin written by sscarduzio. The reason I used this plugin was the ease of use as well as the way it… Read More »

Structured Logging using Serilog

This tutorial demonstrates Structured Logging using Serilog with ElasticSearch serving as the backend log repository. This post is a follow up on the beginner post I wrote on Serilog. If you are a starter on Serilog then I will recommend that you give a quick read to that post. As usual I will start with… Read More »