Should I be a developer?

By | August 12, 2015

Every professional at some point of his professional life asks himself :
Analyze This
Is this the right career for me?

Unfortunately most of the people will be asking this question rather late in their professional life. A point where it might not be really easy to switch career. I am not sure about other professionals but as a software developer I have met countless developers who would rather be in some other profession.

So "Should I be a developer?"

There are no easy answers though. All I will offer you is a part of the answer. Answering a question with a question might rude but here it goes:

Do you have your own software projects which you work on in your free time?

Answer to this simple question can give you a pretty good indication if you will be happy as a software developer. Every good software developer I have met had his own projects on which he/she worked in spare time. And this starts off at college time itself.

So there you go.

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