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WPF Dependency Property vs INotifyPropertyChanged

When to use WPF Dependency Property vs INotifyPropertyChanged? A little background: WPF databinding has two essential parts: Source and Target. Now Target has to be a Dependency Property. But source can be a simple property with INotifyPropertyChanged implemented. Or a Dependency property. In both cases, any change to the property will see the UI getting… Read More »

FakeItEasy and verifying method parameters

How about checking if the method was called with right parameters as a part of your unit tests ? You can do it in many ways. Using FakeItEasy, it is easy to verify that the expected parameters were used to make the function call.

Strict mocking vs Loose mocking

Strict mocking vs Loose mocking is a question something which comes up often when various mocking frameworks like Moq, NSubstitute, Rhino Mocks, FakeItEasy are compared. So what is it? Suppose you create a fake of a class and do not configure the behavior of one of its method or property. Strict mocking:  If the test… Read More »