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Connecting to Snowflake using AWS Lambda

There are some people out there who will like to connect to Snowflake via AWS Lambda to push data. This post is limited to connecting to Snowflake using AWS Lambda. The upcoming posts (if ever given my posting history) will detail how to send some actual data.

Configuring Elasticsearch watcher alerts for Microsoft teams

This is a brief post on how to configure the Elasticsearch Watcher alerts to be sent to Microsoft teams. We will use webhook action in Elasticsearch and corresponding incoming webook in Microsoft Teams. Documentation on these are rather sparse so I think it will be useful to detail the steps. WHY Elasticsearch Watcher is a… Read More »

Elasticsearch dynamic templates using match_mapping_type

This short tutorial on Elasticsearch dynamic templates using match_mapping_type will teach you how to control the mappings of the dynamically added fields in Elasticsearch. If you are reading this then it means that you understand the importance of mappings and how to manage them using templates. Elasticsearch dynamic templates are a natural progression of templates.… Read More »

A beginners reactive tutorial using Rx.Net

This beginners reactive tutorial will cover the basics of reactive way of programming. I will explain important terms and demonstrate the concepts via simple snippets of code. At the end of this basic reactive tutorial you will have a better understanding this subject. I will be using Rx.Net in this tutorial. This tutorial will be… Read More »

A simple c# events and delegates tutorial

This c# events and delegates tutorial has a simple aim: Make it easier for you to work with events in .NET. There will be no deep dive. Everything I discuss below about c# events and delegates has one purpose only: To enable you to start using events with confidence. Many people find it difficult to… Read More »