Monthly Archives: June 2015

Dependency Injection Explained

This is going to be a short c# based tutorial on Dependency Injection. Newcomers find it difficult to grasp concept of Dependency Injection. I will attempt to explain in simplest terms possible. As usual, I will deal first with “WHY” and then the “HOW”.

WPF Commands Explained

WPF has many delightful features. Commands are one of them. Somehow they have remind me of pointers in C and Delegates and Events in C#. If you want to know more about WPF custom command implementation which takes parameters then refer to this blog post. However if I were you, I would simply stop here… Read More »

Factory method pattern

Design patterns. And that book. I will not say anything more. I plan to do a whole series on Design Patterns. But this is a plan not a commitment. I will start out with the “Hello World” of design patterns: “Factory Pattern”. For the impatient, a Factory method pattern sample implementation in C++ is at… Read More »

Binding WPF Textblock to two properties using Multibinding

In the ancient and cruel world of WPF you might want to populate a TextBlock with a string which will contain data from different sources. For example, you might want to display song and band in a single textBlock like, “Where Do You Go – No Mercy”. The song name and band name can be… Read More »