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Test builder pattern using fluent interface

This is a brief c# based tutorial on test builder pattern using fluent interface. It is one of the many ways we can tackle the problem of brittle tests. I will try to keep the example as real world as possible. As usual I will deal with the WHY before the HOW.

Microsoft Unity Tutorial

This Microsoft Unity Tutorial will aim to make is easy for the uninitiated to work with Microsoft Unity. Unity is a dependency injection container. The best source for Unity remains the developer guide which is also available as a free eBook download. I will strongly recommend that you get a foundation on Inversion of Control(IoC)… Read More »

Dependency Inversion Principle Explained

This c# based Dependency Inversion Principle tutorial will try to explain this very simple (and important) principle in layman terms. It is often confused with “Dependency Injection“. Just to put things straight, “Dependency Injection” is one of the ways you can implement “Dependency Inversion Principle” in your code.

Composite Design Pattern Explained

This is tutorial is a C++ implementation of the Composite design pattern. This is one of the easier design pattern out there. Sometimes confused with “Prefer composition over Inheritance“. Yes, few people do get confused. In interview. There is not much to talk about. So I will as usual, jump immediately into the “WHY” followed… Read More »

Bridge Design Pattern Explained

This tutorial is a C++ implementation of the Bridge design pattern. This is one of the most confusing design pattern. This and the other patterns, namely Adapter, Proxy and Decorator design pattern have too much in common to confuse a simple soul. As usual I will first discuss the WHY and then later on the… Read More »

Adapter Design Pattern Explained

In this tutorial we will implement Adapter design pattern using c++. And I will use the much denounced multiple inheritance in c++ too. Adapter design pattern is one of the easier design patterns. As usual, we will first discuss the “WHY” and then the “HOW”.

Proxy Design Pattern Explained

This tutorial is a C++ implementation of Proxy design pattern. In this brief example we will discuss the Proxy pattern, the need for it as well as how to go about implementing it. As usual, I will first start with the WHY and then the HOW of the Proxy design pattern.

Abstract Factory Pattern Explained

This is going to be a simple C++ based tutorial on Abstract Factory Pattern. The sample used easy to understand and relate to. This pattern is closely related to Factory Method Pattern. I have a small post dedicated to it. I will encourage you to read it first before taking up this one. For a… Read More »

Decorator Pattern Explained

This is going to be a brief c# based Decorator pattern tutorial. It will not be a techincal UML heavy “Chewing Dry straw” kind of tutorial. It will be Caveman Style. Fun, Simple  and informative. The Decorator Pattern example used is simple yet powerful enough to highlight its key points.

Dependency Injection Explained

This is going to be a short c# based tutorial on Dependency Injection. Newcomers find it difficult to grasp concept of Dependency Injection. I will attempt to explain in simplest terms possible. As usual, I will deal first with “WHY” and then the “HOW”.